Life Cycles

Planetary Astrology

In this 12 week class we wil be focusing on the influences of the planets in your own astrological chart and the chart of someone you know well. We will explore the archetypes of the planets as they manifest in the different signs and houses. We'll look at the support and challenges indicated by different angles between the planets in your chart. We'll look at the beneficial and malefic influences of your planets and discover which archetypes are working together for or against balance and harmony in your chart.

This 12 week class incorporates 4 live sessions on Zoom in addition to the Teachable curriculum.

You will need the birth date, time, and place for you and another person for deeper study.


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Meet Regina Compernolle

Sacred Earth Arts Director, Regina Compernolle has been studying astrology for over 20 years. Regina does a variety of different types of astrology readings.

Astrology classes taught at Sacred Earth Arts are really effective because we look at everybody's charts together and get feedback on how the different dynamics express themselves.

Regina Compernolle