Sacred Earth Arts

Join Us Virtually!

Sacred Earth Arts - housed in Kansas City - is excited to have a three day virtual symposium!

This blend of live and pre-recorded events is sure to add some magic to your February!

Shamanic Alchemy Symposium
Day One: Herbalism

Learn about local herbs and medicine crafting

Day Two: Shamanism

Shamanic techniques help you meet your guides, shift perspectives and engage with other realms.

Day Three: Alchemy

Find the magic in the every day.

As above, so below.

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Shamanic Alchemy Symposium

Sacred Earth Arts Goodies!

Lovingly created for this Symposium by the Sacred Earth Arts Faculty and Staff

Get the VIP Access and gain the following goodies valued at over $200!!

  • Pre-Recorded Class: Making Medicine from Collected Plants
  • Pre-Recorded Class: Intro to Shamanic Alchemy
  • Pre-Recorded Class: Local Plant Sampler
  • Pre-Recorded Class: Magically Seasonal
  • Pre-Recorded Meditation: 5 Senses Herbal Tea Meditation
  • Individualized one-card pull using the Orien's Animal Tarot with emailed interpretation
  • Menstrual Moons Zine
  • PDF Handout: Alchemy of Being
  • PDF Handout: Natal Chart Interpretation / Solar Fire
  • PDF Handout: Astrology Tarot Journal Workbook
  • PDF Handout: Magical Correspondences
  • PDF Handout: Chakras Workbook
  • Coupon: 50% off Astrology Reading with Regina
  • Coupon: 10% off Apprenticeships (expires 2/15/2023)
  • Printable Artwork by Regina Compernolle